Monday, July 28, 2008

"There is Only You Beholding You" written up in the Midwest Book Review

Mill City is pleased to announce that Thomas A. Leenerts and Berta Stella Canton, authors of "There is Only You Beholding You," received a review by the Midwest Book Review.

" 'There is Only You Beholding You' is a guide for readers to find themselves, with help from or in spite of religious or societal standards. The sense of peace that many yearn for is independent of all that, and can only be attained through one's own mind. Author and man of the world Thomas A. Leenerts imparts the wisdom of how to do this to his readers in 'There is Only You Beholding You.' Highly recommended."

To learn more, or to purchase a copy, please visit the book's website,

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Celebrate Father's Day with A Mill City Press Author

Join Mill City Press author Dr. Bill Emener as he discusses his book, Mom and Dad's Pearls of Wisdom, with John Sipos. He celebrates Father's Day by remembering his own father, and sharing some of the "pearls of wisdom" and life lessons that he gained over the years.

If you live in the Tampa Bay area, the interview will air on Sunday morning, 7-8am, Smooth Jazz WSJT 94.1FM and Q105 (104.7FM). If you are not in the Tampa Bay area, but would like to tune in, you can access the program, hOURTampabay, by going to the WSJT Website and listening to it live from there. And by Sunday afternoon, you can go to John's Website and listen to it from there as well:

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mill City Press Author Gets Written Up in Village Voice

Congratulations to Simone Corday whose book 9½ Years Behind the Green Door: A Mitchell Brothers Stripper Remembers Her Lover Artie Mitchell, Hunter S. Thompson, and the Killing That Rocked San Francisco ( was featured in The Village Voice.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Another Mill City Press Author Appears on NPR

Heidi Haagenson, Mill City Press author of The Tenney Quilt, will appear on a National Public Radio (NPR) station based in Fargo, ND.

Heidi will appear on on "Hear it Now," a regional talk show. The interview will take place on January 2nd from 3:00-4:00pm CST, and will be rebroadcast the same day at 7:00 pm CST. The show can also be heard on the following stations:

Grand Forks: KUND 89.3 FM
Jamestown: KPRJ 91.5 FM
Bismarck: KCND 90.5 FM
Minot: KMPR 88.9 FM
Williston: KPPR 89.5 FM
Dickinson: KDPR 89.9 FM
Thief River Falls, MN: 88.3 FM
Winnipeg: 107.9 FM

You may also listen to the show live on the internet, or later through their archives.

Go to and click on RADIO, then RADIO HOME. Then either click on LISTEN LIVE or on "Hear it Now" to listen to it after it airs the first time.

To learn more about Heidi's book or to purchase it go to

Sunday, October 28, 2007

If You're Thinking About Getting an SEO Website for your's never too early.

If you've spent any time on our site, you already know how important we believe a search engine optimized website (SEO) is for your overall book marketing strategy. That is especially true, if you plan on doing any online marketing.

When a new website is set up, Google puts them in a holding area before rankings can begin in the indexes of Google. It's called the "Sandbox Effect" and it can take five months to a year for Google to index your site. That is why, it's a smart idea to begin the process as early in the book publishing process as possible.

What we like to do is build at least the homepage for our SEO author websites, put a link to them on the Mill City Press website and let them start aging. So, when the book comes out about 3-4 months later, the site is well on it's way getting out of the Sandbox.

For a site to be indexed by Google, it must first be 1) proven, or deemed by Google as appropriate for ranking; 2) legitimate; and 3) have some action taking place. The first two are accomplished just by building it properly. The last is achieved by getting traffic to your site. Of course Google loves it when that traffic comes through it's Adwords program (those small ads you see on the side of Google pages). Our Online Advertising Programs and Website Exposure Program will help you get the "action" Google demands for your site to be indexed.

Monday, October 08, 2007

The Book Printing Revolution is Finally Here

If after reading this blog entry, you still are printing books with your current publisher, you will be who P.T. Barnum described when he said, "There's a sucker born ever minute." With the exception Mill City Press every other self-publishing company in the world marks up book printing. Some mark it up a tiny bit (15-20%) and then there are the real plums of the publishing society, like Xlbris, who mark it up 150% or more.

If you haven't figured it out by now, our whole philosophy at Mill City is to make sure that authors don't get ripped off and have a publishing program that acts as a launching pad not a burial ground. That's why we've created Book Printing Revolution. Think of this like the Costco or Sam's Club of book printing. We've negotiated with several great printing companies who have agreed to provide our authors printing at prices previously only available to publishers.

You pay a membership fee of $297 which gives you the ability to print your book for as low as $.011 per page and $.85 per cover (for a black and white interior / paperback cover). If you're already a Mill City author, you get a $100 discount.

As long as you have the press ready copies of your book, you can use the services of Book Printing Revolution.

Take for example even the typical Mill City author who's paying $.015 per page and $.90 per cover. For a 200 page book, the cost to print one copy is $3.90. If you join , that cost per book falls to $3.05 per book. Print 100 books and you've made back your membership fee. Print another 100 books and you've actually made $85.

The printer guarantees that you'll love the proof copy. If it's defective in any way and can't be corrected, all the money you paid to join is refunded.

Whether or not your a Mill City author, you can stop the tyranny of book printing rip-offs today and increase your profit margins on your book. Sound good?

Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Football Gods Timed the Release of "My Least Favorite Team"

A lot of success in book publishing comes from luck. For Keith Richotte, the fact that the Minnesota Vikings suck again this year makes the timing of his new book My Least Favorite Team is My Favorite Team perfect. A long suffering Minnesota Viking fan, Keith writes about how the Vikes caused him to hate every team in the NFL.

Last week, Keith launched the website for his book, , which has tons of fun memories for Vikings fan. My personal favorite is the separated at birth photos of former Vikings owner, Red McCombs and the "rich Texan" character from the Simpsons.

If you live in or around Minnesota, you'll probably be hearing Keith on the radio in the next month or so. Chelsea Brennan, our new book publicist is coordinating a complete media campaign. Again, since as of the date of this blog entry, the Minnesota Vikings are 1-3, Chelsea's job is going to be pretty easy.